Stuff to do

There are many things to do at Twinstreams, even if you don’t have our guides doing the whole team building thing with you. Here are a couple of ideas…
– Relax at the lagoon in the Umlalazi Nature Reserve at a picnic spot, or on the main beach (6km drive down the road from us).
– For the slightly more active, try the 15 minute walk through our dune forest at Twinstreams to go chill out on our deserted beach. (We unfortunately don’t have a pool at Twinstreams but we naturally assumed the ocean was big enough to accommodate your need to cool off?)
– Work off your meal by going on a few of our forest trails around the centre. The trails are not specifically marked out but most of them go in a circle so you really shouldn’t be getting lost (Just be careful of our forest snakes! They camouflage themselves pretty well).
– There are plenty of roads and single track routes through Mtunzini town and the outskirts which you mountain bikers and runners will just love! Just avoid sneaking off into any of the fenced off mining areas as they seem to get a little cranky!
– Or to get back to one with mother nature on a day trip? Try a gentle stroll through Dhlinza Forest in Eshowe which has a fantastic aerial boardwalk through the treetops, take a drive to the Umfolozi Game Reserve to go and spot the Big 5 lazing around in the bushes or alternatively drive to St. Lucia for the day where you can visit the croc farm, do a hippo barge tour, snorkel at Cape Vidal, drive through Isimangaliso or chill at one of many restaurants in the town.
– We also know of some local bird guides who know all the surrounding Zululand areas like the back of their hands and can show you some “lifers” (For the non-birders, that means birds you just HAVE to see before you leave planet Earth).
Sakhamuzi 083 436 2252 or Junior 0826673704
– If you’re old style, get your rod out (we mean fishing) if you’re getting cabin fever, and pop down to the lagoon at the Umlalazi Nature Reserve to go try your luck at a grunter (Just pop past the post office in Clark Ave. and grab a fishing permit!)
– Barge Trips are a nice way to end off the day, so get hold of Bob’s Barge or Mtunzini River Cruises and go float down the Umlalazi River for a while. (Prices are subject to change) Bob 0725866936 or Mtunzini River Cruises 0835442231

Corporate Team building (For da BEEG people) BOOK NOW

So….. you’ve decided to do the bonding thing and organize a team build with your colleagues…Why not think about Twinstreams? We can’t promise that you are all going to be “bosom buddies” at the end of it all but… we can guarantee that it will be an absolutely awesome and different experience (oh, and a day outta the office which ranks right up there!!!)

This is what you’ll get……
– Your choice of which team building option you’d like?
– You can either bring along your own grub or we can cook up a light lunch OR we can throw a spectacular forest braai for you? We’ll provide some juice, but if you’re wanting some ‘hard tack’ you’ll have to bring along your own.
– Make 2 days of it and we’ll provide a roof ova your head for the whole night. You’ll just have to bring along bedding if you’re staying in the dorms (Comon’ it’ll be fun!!!)
– Clean loo’s & showers (no shenanigans now)
– Staff ready to help out should anyone lose their sense of humor
– Free fresh forest air and natural borehole spring water to re-hydrate


So are you ready to tie the knot and live in wedded bliss happily ever after?
Do you like the idea of a forest wedding surrounded by nature?
Are you up for something different and fun?
Do you want to spend more than 5 minutes reconnecting with old friends and family and extend your wedding to a whole weekend?
If you answered yes to all of the above, well done, we think you’re ubercool!! If you like what you see its as simple as giving us a call.
So you’ll need someone to sort out your wedding decor and design? Someone who can take care of your flowers, table settings and more… (Note to groom – do not roll your eyes, this stuff is very important – trust us you don’t want to wing this one)

– We recommend giving ‘Events by Design’ a call – they’re aware of the latest trends and developments in the industry and in short they know what works… they can also provide the music, sound system, dj, lighting and a whole lot more…. they are passionate about your function décor so check them out!

– Cherry on the Top Catering
Niki Collins • 076 162 7617 • Email: • Website:

And of course you would like someone to capture your special day as well as the more ‘photogenic’ guests on film. We did the hard work for you and found the girl who seems bril at capturing those special memories for you. We made her look far and wide for the best spots so you don’t have to!
To see some of her work, have a look at her website below.
Kim Steinberg Photography
Kim Steinberg: 035 340 1641/ 0799832641
(office Hours Mon-Fri)

School Groups Environmental Education/Team building (For schools)

So the choice is yours – no boot camp crazy stuff here folks – we rather mix and match the fun stuff to do.
– Beach games – Seriously fun
– A few tricky obstacles set out in the Twinstreams forest to get your brain smoking a little
– Canoeing on the Umlalazi River
– Beach sleep-outs (Under the stars… Bliss!)
– Drumming Circles for kids and adults team building (This is an additional cost outside of our program, so just ask us about prices)
– Campfire skits
– Nature art
– Recycling fashion shows
– Stalk the lantern
– Eco Challenge (Like they do on Survivor!)
– Rhumba challenge (oooooo you’re gonna love this one!)
– Potjie cook up competitions
– Matric Research projects (Teachers can sit back and relax while we take care of the students. These are all CAPS Curriculum based projects, so we’ve got the hard work covered for you!)
– President’s Award – We can help you ace your Bronze, Silver or Gold achievements

Check it out!



GROUP DYNAMICS: Learners are exposed to a variety of problem solving activities all of which involve teamwork.

Time: 2 – 3 hours.

ECO CHALLENGE: The groups get back to basics as they take one another on whilst completing some unexpected challenges and using some primitive skills (an ideal night time activity). Time: 1.5 – 2.5 hours
 ORIENTEERING: Learners acquire map reading skills and group work skills whilst having fun.Time: 2 hours   BRIDGE BUILDING: Learners get to learn how to use minimal resources to accomplish a complex task.Time: 1 hour
VARIOUS TASK GAMES: Teach learners how to think laterally and use their imagination while working as a group.Time: 1 – 2 hours


RESEARCH PROJECTS: Learn all about research methods, conduct your own research and write up your own research paper all in a matter of days. Contact us for details on topics for projects.Time: 2 – 3 days INTERPRETIVE TRAILS: Learners are guided on sensory interpretive trails to help them to better understand their environments.Time: 1 – 3 hours
TAKING ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION- ECO Footprint:Gauge your impact on the planet and discover ways to help resolve environmental issues.Time: 1 – 2 hours AMAZING PLANTS/ AMAZING CREATURES: A specific study on plants and animals focusing on biology and ecological roles of fauna & flora.Time: 2 – 3 hours
SUSTAINABLE LIVING:RECYCLING: Practised on a daily basis, we encourage visitors to get actively involved in recycling the waste that humans generate.Time: ongoingENVIRO MEAL: learners plan, buy & cook a meal then assess the environmental impact of the meal that they prepared. Max group size 40 learners. Time – 4 hours ECOSYSTEM STUDIES: Environmental studies done in various ecosystems to introduce ecology and to provide syllabus support in the various Learning Areas.  There are various ecosystems to choose from (rivers, forests, sandy shores and grasslands) Time: 1 hour per ecosystem



MANGROVES; WETLANDS & RAPHIA PALM MONUMENT: experience eco-systems as you’ve never experienced them before- the Umlalazi Nature Reserve is a natural treasure chest. Approx. 6km from the centre.  USHAKA MARINE WORLD:
Venture with us to Ushaka Marine World for a day outing to see the aquarium and splash in the waterworld. Extra cost
DLINZA FOREST AERIAL BOARDWALK: highway to heaven with a difference- see the forest from a whole new perspective as you stroll through the canopy of a mature Zululand forest.  Approx. 50kms UNIZUL SCIENCE CENTRE/ R – BAY: recognized as one of the best in SA this is a hands-on Science Centre with a difference. Approx. 50kms


SANDY SHORE EXPLORATION: get out there and see what wondrous sea creatures walk around our deserted beaches in the dark of night WORLD TRADE GAME: a challenging, fun-filled game designed to test entrepreneurial skills
 GUIDED NIGHT WALKS: just tell us where you’d like to go and we’ll walk you there.  STALK THE LANTERN: do you have the skills to avoid the lantern master’s piercing beam?
 RHUMBA CHALLENGE: Use your wit to figure out puzzles and clues in the forest to help you get to the goal.  Drumming Circles (extra cost)
Let your group drum away in the forest and learn new musical skills whilst having fun.
CAMPFIRE CONCERT & STORY TELLING: learn how to tell stories; beat a drum and dance around a campfire CREATURES OF THE NIGHT: get to know our nocturnal friends as we creep around the forest in the dead of night
 ECO CHALLENGE: so, you thought survivor was exciting? Wait until you try this for size!
 NIGHT SOLITAIRE: are you able to examine your inner thoughts all on your own in the forest at night?


CANOEING: if you can’t swim don’t sweat- we have brilliant canoes, excellent guides and buoyant life-jackets to ensure that your voyage down the Umlalazi River is pure enjoyment  SOLITAIRE AND CREATIVE WRITING: reflect on deep thoughts in the undisturbed silence of Twinstreams
BARGE TRIP (extra cost): the easy way to see the Umlalazi River- join bargeman Bob for a cruise to the mouth   PRESIDENTS AWARD
We cater towards helping youngsters achieve the skills and time required to earn the President’s Award from Bronze – Gold
HIKING: stretch your legs and stride out through our dune forests and along our uninhabited coastline  
BEACH SLEEP OUT: A must for those who sleep behind burglar guards and alarm systems- you’ll be blown away by this experience
NATURE ARTS AND CRAFTS: use forest material to create your own unique keepsake to remind you of this wonderful place SURVIVAL SKILLS: just in case you’re ever in a situation where you need to be able to get by like Bear Grylls!!!