Then & Now

Twinstreams is an ex- sugar cane farm (strange but true) – set in the dune forests right between 2 streams and we have our very own deserted beach and nature reserve! So this old guy by the name of Ian Garland set out a few decades ago (like 7) to fully transform his dad’s old farm into an Environmental Education Centre and rehabilitate it to dune forest, which he successfully achieved by planting something crazy like 80 000 trees! And while he was at it, he got some famous peeps from around the world to come plant some trees too, so this place is just legendary! He sold it to Mondi who agreed to carry it on as an environmental education centre and it happens to be the oldest (and the greatest!) education centre in the whole of South Africa! You just HAVE to come see the amazing things he did here…

2016-03-01_0006 2016-03-01_0007

Above is what Twinstreams started out as way back when in 1952 and below is what Twinstreams looks like today! An absolutely pristine, rehabilitated coastal dune forest for you to reconnect and refuel your soul. Be warned – it’s rustic out here, but it’s also a paradise like you’ve never seen before!

That’s it – the rest is up to you!
Do we have to spell it out for you? – Have fun!