Criminals are as active in our part of Africa as anywhere else. We are located on the outskirts of town which for most people means moving out of their comfort zone, so all in all we recommend using your common sense to make your experience far less hazardous than a day in the concrete jungle!
Touch wood, we have never ever had any incidences at Twinstreams so you’re pretty darn safe!
But if you wish:
– Most crime is opportunistic so best to out think, outwit and outplay em before they do you!
– When our staff are on course with you they are on hand until you close those peepers at around 22:00pm and will sleep on the premises close to you and watch out for any strange activities (we don’t mean ufo’s!!!)
– Don’t forget to watch out for snakes! We don’t see them very often but this is of course their home so just keep an eye out.
– There are emergency numbers on the door at reception should you need them (and don’t forget that there is only cell phone reception at the Cell Phone Log opposite the carport). We have the ever efficient ER24 ambulance services available to us and will treat you no matter what!