If you’re staying for a while you’ll have to eat at some point….

Your options are:
– Either to use our fully kitted out kitchen to whip up a storm. We have cooking utensils, gas stoves/microwave, fridges, freezers, pots and pans but just remember, you’ll have to bring your own cutlery and crockery! Oh, and if you REALLY don’t feel like washing and cleaning up after yourself, just let Kim know before you arrive that you will be requiring one of our great kitchen ladies to come in and assist you with that stuff. They charge a separate hourly rate of R50 bucks per lady…
– Alternatively if you are a group of 10 or more you can choose from our funky menu and pay our clever kitchen ladies to cook you up some awesomely nutritious meals or have a chilled braai – Twinstreams style (In a dune forest paradise!)
All the water here is drinkable, just encase you were wandering. It’s from the deep crystal rock pools beneath the ground! (Sounds like a Valpre ad) Please note that you’ll have to pre-book your meals before you arrive otherwise you may have to forage for earthworms and slugs in the forest!

Check out some of our menu options:


– Scrambled eggs with sausage and tomato relish
– Beans & bangers on toast
– Sausage, fried onions and fried eggs
– Savoury mince on toast
– Zulu Toast (It’l like French toast, but hey we’re in Zululand)


– Macaroni cheese and a green salad
– Chicken salad (Green salad with flaked chicken breast, olives and feta cheese)
– Vegetable risotto and a green salad
– Bangers, mash and gravy
– Hamburgers, chips and a garnish
– Hotdogs, fruit, crisps and juice


– Beef pot, gravy, rice and fresh vegetables
– Chicken a’ la Twinstreams (a slight variation on chicken a’ la king), rice and mixed vegetables
– Roast chicken, potatoes, gravy and fresh vegetables
– Pap, gravy, brisket and a green salad
– Vegetables with a creamy cheese sauce and potato mayo salad
– BBQ chicken, potato bake and vegetables
– Chicken OR beef curry and rice
– Potjies
– Braais


– Ice cream
– Fruit salad and custard
– Jelly and custard
– Malva pudding with custard