Forest Rules

Give the Holiday Inn a break already…….. but come with an open mind!

– Ensure that your room is closed at all times to prevent unwanted snakes, monkeys and other creepy crawly thingies sneaking in! If you keep any foodstuff (including biscuits, rusks, Milo, mini cheddars etc) in the rooms as the pesky little monkeys have a highly developed sense of smell and they have been known to perform Houdini tricks to get to your food.
– We are in a no-risk malaria area (Yaaaaaaay for you), so you’ll just need an insect repellent and if you can endure the stifling heat, wear long-sleeved clothing and trousers especially during the early morning and evenings.
– The roads are pretty well graded so you can even bring your beemer along.
– No fireworks are permitted at Twinstreams. (The animals have heart failure!)
– No fires are permitted on the beach or anywhere outside of a designated fire pit.
– No pets (They WILL get lost… or eaten LOL) just joking, but they do disturb our wildlife and other guests.
– If you’re a smoker, please do it outside the rooms and try not set the forest alight when throwing your butts away.
– Please note that we use septic tanks so no weird objects are to be flushed down the toilets.
– We try very hard to stick to our recycling regimes, so please try stick to them too with our handy little bins marked with what goes where.
– The dorms unfortunately only rely on forest breezes to keep you cool and don’t have plug points (rustic I know), but the two sleeper cabins do have plug points that you can plug your own fan into! (Sheeew)
– Minimal cell phone reception can be found at the ‘cell phone log’ opposite the carport.
– TV’s are not provided – no extra charge for the bonding you will do with family and friends and improved relations with your significant other.
– We are 5km from the Spar in town if you need to re-stock. They’re open from 07:00am – 19:00pm weekdays and until 17:00pm on weekends.
– We don’t have any WiFi or landlines as they were stolen a few years back and Telkom said “No way Hosay” to new lines.
– A walk in the forest to the chill out is mandatory in order to balance out your chi with your cha.
– Keep it down after 22:00pm – don’t ruin the karma for other guests!!!!